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Decree Law No. 125/2006, of 2006-06-29


  • Issuer: Consolidated Legislation
  • Diploma Type: Decree Law
  • Number: 125/2006

Summary in plain english

What is it?

This decree-law creates the “online company”, through a special scheme of online incorporation of commercial and civil law companies having a commercial form and creates the “brand on the spot”.

Who can incorporate a “company on the spot”?

The stakeholders (individual or legal person) of the incorporation of a company must submit the request online, through an electronic certification mean (electronic signature with the citizen card, for instance).

The lawyers, solicitors e notaries may also incorporate companies, on behalf of the stakeholders.

Procedure 1 - Pick the name

To pick the name, there are three possibilities:

    • Obtain a pre-approved name by the State from the ones on the list of names which may be consulted by the stakeholders;
    • Obtain a name picked by the stakeholders, provided that it is acceptable;
    • Obtain a name approval certificate, through a non-electronic mean.

To the pre-approved name may be added an expression regarding the company’s object (Example: ZX - Gourmet Patisserie, instead of only ZX)

2 — Articles Of Association

The stakeholder must pick a pre-approved articles of association model, which may be consulted at the “Company on the Spot” website or at the service desks.

At the service desk, it is possible to prepare the articles of association and carry out the commercial registry.

The stakeholders immediately receive:

    • The articles of association;
    • The access code to the Commercial Registry Permanent Certificate, for the period of three months;
    • The access code to the company’s electronic card;
    • The company’s social security number.
3 - Submission of the Statement of beginning of activity

The stakeholders may submit the statement of beginning of activity for tax purposes and deposit the share capital.

The incorporation of a company electronically is cheaper than the incorporation through a traditional method. The “Company on the Sport” service’s price is 360 euros.

What advantages does it bring?

This decree-law aims to:

    • Simplify the procedures according to the SIMPLEX Programme;
    • Allow the citizen to incorporate his/her company anywhere in the country;
    • Immediately submit the company’s documents;
    • Contribute for the technological development;
    • Ensure the company’s online incorporation process is quick and cheap.
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